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Our insight into pre-emptive risk management has been constantly and continuously refined by our 360° experience within the industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively identify all areas of concern, and confidently rely on our knowledge and experience to properly align the most effective risk management methods.

During the initial planning processes, we proactively develop baseline schedules that mirrors the sequence of events the project manager will adopt to effectively build the works and highlight the critical path(s). We then ensure that through our experienced industry foresight, the focus is maintained with on-site agility to make the most productive client decisions. As each situation unfolds, we are able to monitor and successfully complete the project, maintaining a contemporaneous record of all events.

Project Delivery and Superintendency Services

From the beginning of our consultancy we have emphasized that, planning and scheduling leads the way to successful project delivery. At CCR we know that sharp and focused contract administration resources are essential to manage a project to a successful completion. Every construction project presents varied challenges that require expert guidance and management. At CCR our project management teams meld their industry knowledge to administer the contract fairly and diligently to ensure that all works are performed to construction specifications and contractual requirements. No project can be successful without timely delivery and at CCR we’re committed to delivering on budget, within contractual timeframes and with high quality standards, every time, as we build our successful future together.


Confidently rely on our knowledge and experience to properly align the most effective risk management methods

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Story 4

Cash flow is the life blood of any construction company. CCR understand the need to resolve disputes quickly and inexpensively and regularly assist construction companies with Security of Payment applications in all states of Australia and New Zealand. Our experience in the various forms of the legislation is extensive with claim values ranging from ten thousand to one hundred and fifty million. Since the inception of the company in 2008 we, on average, adjudicate circa $12,000,000 pa and successfully guide our clients to a binding agreement that avoids expensive and time consuming Court proceedings.

Story 3

Delays in complex construction projects are inevitable. A substantial proportion of CCR’s work entails supporting our clients with the factual matrix to mitigate the risk of delay damages, and at the same time identifying the true cost of a delay event to secure compensation. We implement management processes that allows us to focus on the cost relative to the event and avoid the common assertion of global claims.

Story 2

CCR has become increasingly involved in the preparation of Professional Indemnity type claims against designers. The design issues are normally driven by poor design consultant performance, stemming from either; (1) designs being provided later than planned; and also (2) provided in a deficient manner whereby they should properly be considered as not fit for purpose. In the current climate, CCR is seeing more of these types of claims being brought to the fore. As a result, we have developed a specific template to effectively deal with them. CCR’s depth of experience and expertise in this field puts us in a strong position to deliver a successful outcome for Professional Indemnity claims of this nature.

Story 1

Environment & consenting type issues can cause significant delays to a project’s timeline. A situation of this nature was recently encountered in a large civil infrastructure project where the impacts of these issues were not as clear cut as traditional delay & disruption type activities. Not only did CCR discover the contractual hook to provide entitlement for the Contractor, but we also delivered upon simple techniques to enable the parties to visualise the impacts of these upfront client driven issues, paving the way to the commercial success for the Contractor.

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